Game Art Direction Course

Anton have 10 years experience of designing desktop and mobile games and have worked for clients like Riot Games, Wayforward (Nintendo Games) and Kabam.

Intro Lecture

– Explaining for the students what game art direction is and what an art director does.
– Explain the responsibility’s of an art director in different game projects.
– The students will be showed how an art director work and how they direct the art team.
– The lecture will illustrate how circumstances like budget and target group determines the art direction.




Workshops with Tutorials

– During the workshop the students will work in couples where they will practice to direct the other student in his artwork.
– The workshop will also illuminate choosing the right art style depending on factors such as game platform, budget and target group.
– The workshop will focusing on art direction and art production planning.

Assignment with Review 

– For the art director assignment the student will be given a brief game design and should come up with an art direction as well as a time plan for the art work necessary for the game.
– The student will later present the assignment for the class and will be given feedback upon her/his work.



Course Info

The course is open for any private person, class or school studding game art and design at a higher level.
The course can be integrated in your school syllabus.
Contact us in the form below for a price offer for your school or class.