Art Direction and UI/UX Design

Are you a game developer that needs a intuitive and unique UI design for your game? A cohesive art direction that gives your game or app a strong visual identity? Then I can help out.

Give your game or app a
unique visual look

All games and applications needs a strong and cohesive visual appearance. That’s why the UI design often merge with art direction. I work close with your game designer to give your game the right look starting with concepts and carry out graphics design for all the UI elements in the production.

Creative Fields 

UI/UX Design

Wireframe and UI design across platforms and art styles for both desktop and mobile games.

Art and Creative Direction

Leading art project for game projects and creating key art assets for your game production. Working on your preferable collaborative platform like Slack, Miro, Figma.

Concept Design

Early stage concepts and mood boards for games with focus on game art style, UI and UX design.

Art Assets

2D graphics and pre rendered 3D art production for all types of game props and game art.

Web Design

Game web design service based on popular CMS like WordPress. Responsive and themed for your games or game studio.

Identity Design

Game and game company identity design, including logo design and visual branding.

From Concept to Prototype

I take on projects for all types of platforms and game themes. I work close with your game designer to carry out a unique and intuitive art direction and UI design for your game. 

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