Game UI Design Course

Anton have 10 years experience of designing desktop and mobile games and have worked for clients like Riot Games, Wayforward (Nintendo Games) and Kabam.

Intro Lecture 

– Explain what UI Design is and the general work a UI designer is challenged with.
– Explain the responsibility’s of a UI designer and how the work adjacent to interaction and game design.
– The student will be given insight in professional real life game UI projects that are both intuitive and contributes to the game visual experience.



Case Study 

– A close look at a real game UI case. The work pipeline, wireframes and concepts.
– Together with the students we analyses the game UI from an art and interaction point of view.
– The case study will give a deeper understanding of UI and UX design and how it needs to be adapted on different platforms.

Workshops with Tutorials

– During the workshop the students will learn how to work with mockups and break out the UI design out of a UX wireframes.
– Draw concept and render graphics for the UI.
– Discuss final results with the rest of the class.

Assignment and Review

– UI design assignment where the student will be given a game design with UX wireframes and should create a complete UI including menus, HUD, libraries icons etc.
– The student will later present the assignment for the class and will be given feedback upon her/his work.

Course Info

The course is open for any private person, class or school studding game art and design at a higher level.
The course can be integrated in your school syllabus.
Contact me in the form below for a price offer for your school or class.