Creative Branding Project for a Gamers Watch Brand

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Anton Wiklund led a visionary creative branding project for a gamers watch brand, blending the virtual realm of Roblox game production with the tangible world of digital watch design. The project aimed to create a seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology, gaming culture, and sleek aesthetics.


The first phase involved immersive game production within the Roblox platform, where Anton and the team crafted a virtual world that mirrored the excitement and energy of gaming. The virtual environment served as the inspiration for the brand’s identity, drawing on vibrant colors, futuristic elements, and the dynamic landscapes of virtual gaming realms.


Simultaneously, the project delved into product design, focusing on creating a digital watch specifically tailored for gamers. Anton Wiklund’s art direction played a pivotal role in ensuring that the watch seamlessly integrated gaming aesthetics with functionality. The watch featured customizable interfaces, game-inspired graphics, and innovative features that catered to the needs of avid gamers, providing a unique and immersive experience.

The branding strategy involved crafting a narrative that celebrated the synergy between the virtual and physical worlds. Anton’s direction ensured that every visual element, from the brand logo to promotional materials, resonated with the gaming community. The tagline and messaging were carefully curated to evoke a sense of adventure and technological sophistication.


Collaboration was key throughout the project, with Anton working closely with both the game production team and the product designers. This synergistic approach resulted in a cohesive and compelling brand that seamlessly bridged the gap between the digital and physical realms.

The final outcome was a gamers watch brand concept that not only met the demands of the gaming community but also set new standards in the intersection of gaming and fashion. Anton Wiklund’s creative direction successfully brought together the worlds of Roblox game production and digital watch design, delivering a brand that captures the essence of gaming culture in a sleek and innovative package.