Shadow Era Card Game

As the first full-scale trading card game on mobile, Shadow Era has had a long history of innovation. The gorgeous card art, balanced gameplay and cross-platform accounts quickly earned it a place as one of the best indy card games.
With the release of Shadow Tokens, ownership of the game was given to the players, with the opportunity to receive great rewards.
And now, we’re excited to announce the availability of blockchain cards, allowing anyone to buy and sell cards in-game with the security and speed of the Waves Platform.

Game Video

UI Design
Card Design
Logo Design
Web/Forum Design


Words from the Developer.

Working with AW studio has been a pleasure. They exceeded our highest expectations and delivered some fantastic designs.I think one of our players summed it up the best: The new design blows me away, like 50 meters!”
Kyle Poole
CEO/Founder – Wulven Game Studios